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Paris, France
August 2017

Buy Voyage (side project)

Buy Voyage is a buying/selling app for AirBnB hosts to sell things to their guests. Buy Voyage transforms every AirBnB home into a marketplace. I helped shape the user experience, and defined the visual design and the product identity.

BV - Featured Copy 2

User Experience

The idea behind Buy Voyage popped up as my two friends Brian and Cait started renting their Connecticut home on AirBnB. The house being quite secluded, guests would often ask recommendations on where to pack up on wine, food or breakfast items prior to their arrival. Other times, guests would get curious about Cait and Brian’s art, furniture, or homemade honey.

Cait & Brian imagined a product where hosts could pack up on food and drinks ahead of time for their guests. Going further, hosts could sell their art, their crafts, their homemade goods, or even their books or furniture.

The product is defined around 3 main ideas:
– hosts can curate their catalog of things and manage their stocks
– guests get access to the host’s listing once they connect to the property Wifi, or through a private link
– guests can themselves become hosts

As I started imagining the app experience, I made the statement that all users are guests, and I decided on an app structure and experience that would first set them all as guests only, after onboarding. Then if interested, the app could take them to the host level, and walk them through creating their property and catalog of items. In a sense, hosts would be “augmented guests”, and would not lose anything from the guest experience, as they would remain guests when traveling themselves.

The 5 main user experiences in the app would break down as followed:
– Initial onboarding (setting up user profile)
– Guest experience (browsing and buying items)
– Host onboarding (setting up property profile)
– Host experience (catalog curation and management)
– Settings (guests only and hosts)

From there, I wired them all and iterated on them, using personas to better immerse myself.



overall-ux_Artboard 3

As we explored each flow and refined the product, we defined what could and could not be part of our MVP:
– a step-by-step property setup, to get the best content from users: yes
– an icon library for items to facilitate the item curation, avoid low quality pictures and give users ideas on what they could potentially sell: yes
– the ability for hosts to set one or more items as free: yes
– an activity feed for hosts: post-MVP
– a messaging system: post-MVP
– etc.

Visual Design

I then defined the overall look & feel and developed a UI system with reusable components. I created animated prototypes using Pixate (watch one), and shaped the product identity. I chose a modern look with warm, trendy colors, a humanist, elegant font in both its regular and thickest weight, and outline icons to introduce a glimpse of AirBnB feel.

I chose to materialize items with swipable cards that turn green when the guest makes the purchase.

BuyVoyage - Host@2x

Styleguide and Icons

I worked with Sketch and Zeplin to build a style guide and export assets.

BV - Styleguide@2x

To the moon…

I worked on this project for about 6 months alongside my product manager and engineers friends. We currently have a working prototype and are looking to get beta users. Meanwhile, Cait and Brian’s honeybees continue to raise curiosity… 🐝