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Paris, France
August 2017


In August 2015, I joined Keybase, a New York startup building an encrypted chat messenger and file sharing system aiming to bring privacy and security to everyone in the world. Keybase was led by OKCupid’s founders and backed by Andreessen Horowitz. In May 2020 and following the 90-day security plan announced by Eric Yuan, Keybase…
  • Brand Identity, Front-End Development, Illustration, UX, Visual Design
  • 2015

Buy Voyage (side project)

Buy Voyage is a buying/selling app for AirBnB hosts to sell things to their guests. Buy Voyage transforms every AirBnB home into a marketplace. I helped shape the user experience, and defined the visual design and the product identity. User Experience The idea behind Buy Voyage popped up as my two friends Brian and Cait…
  • UX, Visual Design
  • 2016

InVision Groups (side project)

For more than a year now, InVision has been my day-to-day tool for getting feedback on my work, creating interactive prototypes or discussing the copy. I can’t say enough about this tool. It improved our design process a lot at Dailymotion and it became our centralized “design history platform” where all people can track design…
  • UX, Visual Design
  • 2015

Netflix Trailers Management Platform (side project)

As part of a design summit in the Bay Area, I worked on an exercise to provide Netflix’s content managers with a tool to handle the trailer creation process and to follow the workload of the video specialists. Here was the prompt: Netflix’s content managers would want their team of video specialists to splice together…
  • User Experience
  • 2015


A 2-day hackathon project at Dailymotion where I worked along with two full-stack engineers. Vodify is an online VOD platform for the people. It allows amateurs or professionals to create channels and sell videos their way. The interface focuses on channels and features a navigation system through categories to encourage users to browse and find…
  • Front-End Development, UX, Visual Design
  • 2014


Shaped the partner experience on and on Dailymotion B2B services: partner onboarding and retention, channel management and monetization tools, with one main goal: increasing conversions from basic uploaders to partners.
  • Product Design, UX, Visual Design
  • 2014

Kikin Interactive Demo

Interactive single page demo of the Kikin extension for Chrome. While showcasing Kikin’s main features step-by-step, the demo teaches the user on how to use it (long click to search), leads him through Kikin’s features, and invites him to download it in one click. Except for the integration of the Kikin bar, I have entirely…
  • CSS3 Animation, jQuery, UX, Visual Design
  • 2013

Kikin Knowledge for Android

Kikin Knowledge is a knowledge service displaying information and accurate answers for specific queries on top of the classic search results. The One Box appears in the Kikin bar when the user long presses on places, people or consumables (books, movies, albums, artworks, apps, stock quotes, etc.) My role was to put together all the…
  • IA, UX, Visual Design
  • 2013

Kikin for Chrome

The Kikin extension for Chrome displays search results and answers in a sidebar when long-clicking on words. Kikin combines two technologies: the automatic detection of words and compound words on long click (Smart Selection), and the context analysis for better results. My role was to design an easy-to-use interface while considering the multiple aspects and…
  • UX, Visual Design
  • 2013

Kikin Launcher for Android

Concept for a smart launcher for Android using Kikin algorithms. The Kikin Launcher focuses on search and allows users to get information, answers and related apps (installed or not) for a given query.
  • Interaction Design, UX, Visual Design
  • 2013

Kikin for Nokia/Windows

Interaction scenarios for Kikin for Windows. I worked alongside the Nokia design team on a Kikin prototype for Nokia tablets.
  • Interaction Design, UX
  • 2012

Kikin for Android

Kikin for Android is a search & learn service that displays search results and answers when the user long presses on words. Kikin is embedded at the operating system level and works in any application (native or downloaded). My role was to design a unified experience across devices, screen sizes and screen orientations while following…
  • Interaction Design, UX, Visual Design
  • 2013 redesign

Redesign of – Responsive layout for desktops, tablets and smartphones. The desktop homepage has an animation showing Kikin’s ‘long press to search’ paradigm. I developed it from scratch using percentage positioning, CSS3 animations and jQuery. Check it out live! – Visual Design – HTML-CSS – CSS3 + jQuery animation
  • CSS3 Animation, HTML-CSS, jQuery, Web Design
  • 2013

Logo Design 2012-2013 (side projects)

Logo design proposals for Alsace Oeno Courtage, a vine & wine negotiator (Alsace, France), Eurovisions, an entertaining start-up (New York), Big Apple & Me, a blog about life in New York, and Lovepost, a social app for couples to share their love story.
  • Brand Identity
  • 2012

Caldera Wishes Card (2011)

Flash website to wish Caldera customers a happy new year.
  • Flash Development, Video Editing, Visual Design
  • 2010

Caldera Blackbox

Light version of the Caldera software for small printing professionals. UX, Visual Design.
  • UX, Visual Design
  • 2010

Showcase website dedicated to Fortex, a textile reseller for large format printing professionals. Web Design, Front-End Development, Flash Animation & Development, HTML-CSS-JS.
  • Flash Animation, Flash Development, HTML-CSS-JS, Web Design
  • 2010

Est Ouest

Blog about my adventures on the French West coast, which actually never happened. Instead, I moved to the US East coast. Notice how the top banner stretches when resizing the window!
  • HTML-CSS, Web Design
  • 2010

Caldera Wishes Card (2010)

Stop-motion video using the light painting technique to wish Caldera customers a happy new year. Creating this card required a few hundred pictures taken with long exposures (8-15 seconds), and editing image by image.
  • Direction, Story-board, Video Editing
  • 2009

Flash website dedicated to EasyColor, a Caldera solution including a spectrophotometer for color calibration.
  • Flash Development, Web Design
  • 2009

Flow+ 3D Animation

3D animation showcasing the power of Flow+, management software for printing professionals. The colored pipes represent the printing jobs, hitting the six major sections of the software in a fast and fluid way.
  • 3D Modeling, Direction, Post-production, Video Editing
  • 2008

Portfolio v1.0

My responsive Flash portfolio awarded by Design Licks and Dope in 2009. I conceived it and developed it from scratch using ActionScript and XML. The position of elements on the site depends on the window size (see how the site stretches when you resize the window!). The theme of the site is defined by the…
  • Flash Development, UX, Web Design
  • 2008